Safety is not Safety until you see the unseen threat.

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World class luxury is what comes to our mind when we think of a chauffeur service, specially a limousine service in UAE, yeah you are absolutely right but after the year 2020 this should not be the only reason why you should prioritize using chauffeur services. Safety and your health is not only the safety from road accidents or asurities from those kind of hazards, these are not things that can be bypassed in a journey that will be 100 percent assured, but over all these things we have a villain which we didn’t expected to be this strong after 2020. That is COVID 19. This rises to be one of the major threats and made all of us sit in our own places and didn’t allow us to move anywhere freely and fearlessly after its entry. Here comes the relevance of things that we CabioLimo have been already following and after the arrival of this villain it is been more seriously taken care of, its hygiene, its safety from all biological hazards like virus, bacteria etc. CabioLimo is promised to ensure the entire safety from these biological hazards which may affect you badly. We have done a very good study on how the problem should be taken care of, like, how the cleaning and fumigating process should be done after each ride to make sure our family who are coming onboard is 100 percent safe.

As CabioLimo is a leading company in the sector of limousine services, we have a core team who are very efficiently working for reaching our aim, which is maximum customer satisfaction. We can’t achieve this goal by giving them only luxury and sheer comfort, but we should also focus on delivering the maximum safety in all aspects. So we are training our frontline staffs including our drivers to minimize the risk of health for himself and for the fellow customer by practicing a very good hygiene and ensuring the environment in which the customer is going to enter is totally clean and safe. We do conduct periodic medical examination for our uniformed drivers in order to make sure that they themselves are healthy and safe, through which we ensure our customer onboard is also healthy and safe throughout the time he uses the limousine services.

 CabioLimo limousine service does take care of hygiene in both the interior and exterior of the vehicle that will be deployed for the customer. We assigned a team for ensuring cleaning and fumigating the entire limousine after each ride, and the same team will double check the vehicle before deploying it for another ride in order to ensure the cleaning process is completely and systematically done. More over we are fully dedicated to ensure the maximum comfortability and safety in all aspects. As the world started its rebuilding process in every industry the demand to come out of an online meeting and be around the table to discuss for achieving the big shot goals are increasing day by day. So the significance of health and safety is also a highly relevant thing to be thought of. Don’t worry about the journey; we are here, helping, creating a different safe and healthy zone to be in. Come on let’s make a big difference together.

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